Thursday, June 5, 2014

Effective Classroom Strategies

Teaching is a life-long passion for most individuals that partake in it. Even with this passion each teacher needs to way to innovate in the classroom. I would like share with you three tips to foster effective learning in the classroom.

#1 Make learning relevant
One of the greatest complaints students have is “when will I ever use this?”, “how will this help me in the real world?” In order to eliminate this, teachers need to make learning in the classroom relevant to students’ daily lives. Students need to feel what they are learning is applicable to their lives in order to keep them engaged and motivated.

#2 Make students active participants in their learning
 Students need to be given the opportunity to be active participants in their learning. Allowing the students to have more freedom and take ownership of the learning process help to increase critical thinking skills as well as build leadership qualities. As teachers, we want our students to grow up to be independent and productive citizens. By increasing their participation teachers help to build this qualities in their students as well as create a better learning environment.

#3 Incorporate Technology into the classroom
Technology plays a essential and critical role in society today. Today’s generation of students have been raised on technology, therefore it is a staple in their life. Teachers must keep up with technology and find innovative ways to incorporate it into the classroom. Just as effortlessly as students use technology in their daily lives, teachers must also do the same.

I hope you enjoyed these three brief tips to keeping your classroom innovative and effective learning environment for your students. Please share with me any tips you might have on fostering an effective learning environment in your classroom.

And always remember, “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” (Nelson Mandela).